Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ocean Themed Christmas Tree

So after a long absence from the blogosphere, we're finally back with new stuff! This week's post is dedicated to Ai's Christmas tree! She wanted to do something a little different and went with an ocean theme. She used blue and gold as her color scheme and she even made her own ornaments. She used those clear balls from Michaels and filled them with seashells that were also from Michaels. Anyways, on to the tree! 

This is one of the ornaments she made. Like I said, she used those clear ornaments that people usually use to paint on and filled them with shells and crushed seashells. This one has an awesome starfish attached! 

Ai also made her own bows. She used the same materials we used to make our hair bows.

A nice looking shell with a little ribbon hot glued to it.

The cute sparkly flower is also from Michaels.

The seaweed looking stuff was also another great Michaels find. 

Ai couldn't find a big enough starfish to top her tree so she made her own by gluing a bunch of shells together in the shape of a star! 

A nice picture of the tree lit up. 

So that's all for this week folks! We hope everyone has had a wonderful time doing their holiday crafting and baking! We'll see you all again next week after Christmas! ♥  


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