Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy Pinterest Craft: DIY Braided Bead Bracelets

Last week I talked about how we finally made Christmas cards. We decided to be super cheesy and make friendship bracelets. We didn't want to do the traditional macrame kind; we wanted something chic and wearable so we set off to Pinterest to look for some. 

We ended up choosing  this bracelet tutorial! It's an easy to follow tutorial with plenty of room to add your own touch to the bracelets. We used different clasps and different sized beads to mix things up, but other than that we stuck to the tutorial pretty closely. 

Ai also taught me a neat trick for when you have to do braids! To keep everything taut, you use a chip clip and clip the strings to the cover of a hardback book. It really did make the braiding go a lot smoother. 

I really love gold and black together! 

We ended up fixing the ends of the bracelets up near the clasp by cutting them short and sealing them with hot glue.

I really love how Ai did this! She used bigger beads on the end instead of braiding.

These bracelets were really fun and easy to make, so we hope you go out and make some of your own! Remember to have fun and experiment to really make them unique! Happy crafting everyone! ♥  

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