Monday, March 10, 2014

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!! A Big Apology and Recap of 2013 Projects

Please accept this picture of a sad cat as our most sincere apology. :( 

So you guys might have noticed that we've been on a horribly prolonged hiatus. While we'd like for you all to think that we've been out saving babies and kittens using our awesome crafting skills, the truth is we don't really have a valid excuse for our absence. I think what happened was that we missed a week of posting and then suddenly it was the new year. The good news is that we weren't completely unproductive; we actually have some stuff to share with you. We made a lot of fun stuff but some of it went undocumented because we just weren't in our usual blogger mindset. Again please forgive us. 

Yes Mushu, we have behaved most dishonorably.

To make up for everything this post is gonna be a quick recap of what we did take pictures of. Some of the projects will get their own blog post with tutorials. So on to the stuff. 

We made a giant gift basket full of goodies for our dear friend's baby shower. There's so much stuff crammed into the basket that it warrants it's very own post. So look out for it in the coming weeks. 

Ai has been on a bit of a shadow box kick lately. She's been making them to celebrate vacations and special occassions. Look at all the detail!!! ^_^ 

See this is how lazy we were to blog. We didn't even have the decency to share with you our awesome Threadcakes news. We somehow managed to snag a winning spot in our category! This year we're gunning for the number one spot, so look out for that later in the year. 

Ai got married recently and this was from her wedding shower! They're sugar butterflies that I will be teaching you how to make. The pink butterflies have brush embroidery details, which I've been obsessed with lately. I'll be doing a tutorial on that too. 

These were the thank you gifts we made for everyone who attended Ai's wedding shower. 

I have been so in love with Joe Pastry ever since I stumbled upon his blog. He is seriously the best. If you're looking for a pastry recipe, chances our he has a tutorial for it. I not only love that his recipes are so easy to follow, but also the fact that he explains the whys of the techniques used. If you haven't heard of him before go over to his blog now! 

  Most recent thing I did was make my birthday cake. Man am I getting seriously old. 

Also, I updated our most popular post since everyone has taken it upon themselves to sass us and let us know how dumb we are for failing and how we just weren't doing it right. Just a forewarning I got kind of sassy in the update, but seriously we knew what we were doing and I explain why the project is just a fail right from the start. Like I said, we went against our better judgment and wasted our time trying the project.

This is just some of the stuff we did during our absence. We promise to start posting weekly again. We have a lot of really great stuff planned for this year. We really are going to start making video tutorials. I know that October is a long way away, but we'll be posting about new costumes and cosplays. We might just be at Phoenix Comicon this year and cosplaying at a convention for the first time. We'll let you know if that's happening for sure. I can't really think of anything else at the moment, but we hope that too many of you haven't left us yet. As always happy crafting and baking! ♥  

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