Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Harry Potter Wands

So last week I mentioned that I went on a Harry Potter crafting binge for Christmas. I really got carried away and decided to make wands. I found a really great tutorial. It's easy to follow and the supplies are pretty inexpensive. Since the wands were so easy to make, I ended up making more than I needed. I'll save them for future gifts for friends. 

For the most part, I followed the tutorial, but of course I had to do things my own way. In the end, I think that the changes I made make for an overall better and more durable wand. 

My tips for making the best Harry Potter wand:
  • I used dowels sized at 3/16 in. They were cheaper and easier to find than a pack of chopsticks. The dowels also allow you to be a bit more creative. You can cut the dowels to different lengths and also find them in different thicknesses. 
  • I made some small polymer clay decorative pieces. I baked the clay pieces first and then attached them to the wand while I was adding the glue.
  • Make sure you let the hot glue cool completely before painting.
  • Make sure you prime the wands first with a layer or two of white. It helps the final colors stick better.
  • To give the wands a nice shiny finish and durability, I used the Pledge Floor Finish with Future Shine stuff that I'm always talking about. Apply three layers, waiting about 30 minutes before adding another layer. Then let the wands dry completely overnight. This gives the wands a nice smooth and hard finish, which will make them last longer especially if they're going to be handled a lot by children. 
That's all the tips I have. I hope you all have a lot of fun making the wands! Next week I'll show you how to make easy and gorgeous wand boxes!

All the wands together. I made sure to keep one for myself! 

I tried my best to make all the wands different. I definitely strayed from making more traditional looking wands.

That's all for this week folks! Remember to have fun with this project and happy crafting! One more thing, please make sure you follow us on Pinterest! ♥ Follow SugiAi  

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  1. OMG great idea i will try this but how did you do the twirl going up the wand?