Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hair Bow Headbands

So Ai and I have noticed that bows seem to be trendy at the moment. We've seen them everywhere and we're totally in love with them. So we set out to make our own and put a twist to them. We decided in order to make them different we'd stick polymer clay charms in them! Thankfully, this project went really smoothly for us (minus a few burns from the hot glue >_<). 

We didn't do anything fancy to make these. We just bought some headbands, tons of ribbon, and hot glue and went to work. So now on to the headbands! 

We've had this cupcake ribbon sitting around forever and couldn't think of what to make with it and finally this idea hit us. 

Strawberry Cupcake Bow 

Cupcake with Sprinkles Bow 

Panda Bow 

Peppermint Candy Bow 

Seashell Bow 

Another Cupcake Bow! 

Rhinestone Bow

Blood Drop Bow for Ai's work badge. 

Bows that don't have headbands yet

More cupcakes! We really really really love this cupcake ribbon! >_< 

Watermelon Bow 

A simple bow. We really loved this blue we found! 

So that's all for this week folks! ♥  


  1. i love the cupcake bows! do you guys sell your stuff? you should open an Etsy store! :)

  2. @Bekah thanks! No we don't sell stuff online yet because there are a bunch of different business licenses we have to get in order to even start thinking about selling on Etsy. But one day we definitely will!