Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football Earrings

Summer is finally winding down and my favorite season is approaching. Fall means the start of the holidays and of course FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!! So Ai and I have been obsessed with making earrings lately and decided we needed to make earrings dedicated to our favorite football teams: the Vikings and the Cowboys! (No we are not from Minnesota or Dallas. We aren't really from anywhere since we grew up as military brats. Our dads just picked teams long before we were born and have been loyal ever since and so have we.) 

 Ai's team is the Vikings! 

My team is the Cowboys! 

Sorry this week's post is pretty short. We're saving all of our good stuff for the upcoming months, so expect a lot of holiday themed things for the rest of the year! ♥  

*****P.S. Since people keep asking, we're working our way up to hopefully start selling things by the end of the year. However we absolutely will not be selling things with licensed characters, graphics, etc. It is just plain wrong! And yes we know people love to buy fanart type things, but again it's wrong and illegal! So no, we won't be able to make you your favorite football team or Harry Potter magnets,etc. *****


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