Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Baking Part 1

So we know we've been really bad bloggers! We had set an easy once a week posting schedule and we just got busy/lazy during the holiday season. hahahaha But we're back for good now! We know that the holidays have been over for a few weeks now, but for the next few weeks, you're all finally going to see what we've been up to! 

Our first round of holiday baking posts were inspired by Bakerella's snow globe cupcakes, but of course we did things just a little different. We did everything the same except we made our own fondant using this marshmallow fondant recipe and we topped the cupcakes with chocolate sugar cookie disks so we'd have a stable base. I'll share my cookie recipe on next week's post! 

So now it's on to all the snow globes! 

All the cupcakes without their snow globe tops.

An overhead view.

We made the presents with the same chocolate cookie recipe as the disks and just used royal icing to decorate. 

A cute little Christmas penguin! 

The same penguin in his snow globe! 

A polar bear with a big red bow on his back!

The bear's super cute bow! 

Inside his snow globe! 

Another Christmas penguin! hahaha I made this one and he just looks like he's a tad slow! 

Three polar bears! 

Our three penguins! 

A solo shot of our last penguin! 

Our reindeer! Their antlers were also made out of the chocolate cookie dough.

Hanging out inside of their snow globes!

A snowman, snowlady, and polar bear! 

Our fat little snowman! 

Our cute snowlady is striking a fabulous pose! 

This little guy has a present topped with a big red bow just for you! 

Winter time pets! 

Two cute kitties all ready for Christmas! 

My doggie Gizmo all ready for the holidays! 

Ai's dog Socks all bundled up for winter! 

Christmas tree with a cute train going around it! 

So that's all for this week folks! We hope that everyone is having a lovely start to the new year! May the new year bring all of you new and wonderful crafting ideas! ♥  


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