Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Kitty Cookies

Sorry for not posting last week guys! I got busy and totally forgot I didn't have a blog written up! Anyway, this week's post is just a quick one. A couple week's ago I made some cookies as set dressing for a costume photo shoot. (I was re-shooting all the costumes I've made so far to prepare for October! I'm gonna be re-blogging the costumes with the updated photos to countdown to this year's Halloween costumes!) 

These were made on the fly and are the same sugar cookies I made here. They were covered with marshmallow fondant, which is the same one we use for everything! I made a little template out of paper for Hello Kitty's head and then cut them out with an xacto blade. I just sculpted little pieces of red fondant into triangles and circles for her bows. Her face was drawn on with food markers, which you should really get if you don't already have some. I think they're the best thing ever and make it super easy to add faces and details to things! The colored backgrounds were cut with a round scalloped edge cookie cutter. They were really simple and easy to do and would make really cute treats for a little girl's tea party! 

I stuck with fun and bright colors for the backgrounds!

Closer shot of Hello Kitty's face! 

I really loved how this blue turned out! 

That's all for this week folks! Happy crafting and baking! So excited that the holidays are coming up soon, we can't wait to see what all of you have planned for this year! ♥  


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