Sunday, June 12, 2011


~So this is the first of many posts on our blog, which if you couldn't tell is going to be about crafts and things related to crafts.  So we hope you enjoy all the things we create and have fun while you explore all the stuff that springs up from our imagination!~

This first post is all about magnets! We needed magnets for our refrigerator! Our process and supplies are pretty basic.  We used polymer clay to make the magnets and we were pretty much inspired by random things.  We just wanted everything to be super cute!  After we sculpted and baked our little creations, we painted on the details using acrylic paint.  To make everything super shiny we used a spray on gloss, which apparently is a big no-no!  Spray glazes make polymer clay super sticky!!!!!! But thanks to this wonderful blog by Cindy Lietz we found the solution to our finishing problems!! We are so thankful to have found the help we needed!  Anyways after all of this we used epoxy glue to glue the clay to round magnets. So now on to the magnets!!!! 

These are the yummy food magnets

Various fruits and veggies (We're obviously fond of putting faces on things!)


A busty mermaid, Japanese girl, and a cute blood drop

And now for close-ups of some of our favorites! 

The beautiful busty mermaid in all her glory

Sushi platter

Spaghetti and meatballs

Short stack of pancakes

Cookie platter

Banana Split

Sugi's favorite animal! 

Adorable Japanese girl


Toast and egg with super cute faces! 

Blood drop

So that's all for now folks!


  1. Oh My Gosh Sugi these magnets are adorable!! I am so glad that we were able to help you out with the sticky finish situation. Something this cute, needs to be used! Thank you for mentioning my blog and adding a link. That was very sweet of you. It is nice to see you having so much fun with your clay. Happy claying! ~ Cindy

  2. Sorry Ai... I meant to say Sugi AND Ai! Didn't mean to leave you out. My bad. :(