Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hats!!! and a pair of shoes!

So this post is all about hats and a random pair of shoes.  Like a lot of other people out there we've had the brilliant idea of customizing hats and other accessories.  We haven't done too many of these types of projects, but we wanted to share what we have with you all.  Hopefully in the future you'll be seeing a lot more of these custom items from us.  All the hats have been customized with acrylic paint, permanent markers, or a combination of both.  As far as the designs go, we just picked different themes and ran with them.  Now on to the hats!! 

This first batch of hats are all done by Ai.  She's done a bunch more of these than I(Sugi) have.  I even own one of the hats she's done!  So on to her amazing hats! 

A super cute Japanese themed hat. This is the one I own and love! ^_^ 

This is a really pretty abstract one. 

This is a dragon hat she did for her brother! 

Now on to a hat and a pair of shoes I've done! 

A koi and dragon on shoes (how original! haha)

Close-up of dragon

The koi!

So before I put up the hat I've done recently, let me just put this disclaimer saying I don't paint very well.  And honestly, I don't have an explanation for why I would be compelled to practice painting on a hat.  All I can say is that I really really wanted to paint The Hulk onto a white hat!  Now on to the hat!

It's The Hulk! I really adore him! 

Now this last batch of photos is part of a Halloween costume we a did few years back.  We wanted to be the girl versions of Mario and Lugi and made cute custom hats for our costumes.  Ai was Luigi and I was Mario.  So the Luigi hat was done by her and the Mario one by me!

So now you all know that Ai is the superior one at painting!  And I mean that!  She's always been a great painter!  Painting is not my forte, but I'm definitely going to keep practicing!  That's all for now folks!  Hope you enjoyed our hats! 

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  1. aah!!! I love those hats! You guys should make me one!!