Friday, July 13, 2012

Pokemon Birthday Cake

I mentioned in a previous post that my sisters celebrated their birthday a few months ago and I took it as an opportunity to do things I haven't really ever done. This was my first time making fondant covered cakes. (I suppose I should have posted this before our Star Wars cake!) For a first time attempt I'm happy to report that they didn't turn out too bad! 

The Pokemon and all the lettering were completely made out of fondant. The cake was a white cake with vanilla mousse filling. 

Another shot of the cake. I put pokeballs all around the edges.

This was my attempt at doing Harry Potter for my other sister's cake. It was a marble cake with chocolate mousse. It tasted a lot better than it looked! 

That's all for this week folks! Ai and I are gonna do something cute and yummy for her birthday so you can look forward to seeing how it all turns out at the end of the month! Happy crafting and baking everyone! ♥  


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