Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chalkboard Magnets

A while ago Ai and I thought it would be a good idea to make little chalkboard magnets. We thought they would make really great gifts. They ended up being really cute and easy to make! The only problem we had was trying to find the right sized chalkboards. We wanted these to just be decorative pieces so we needed them to be fairly small. The chalkboards we used were definitely a lucky find. We found them browsing through kitchen stuff at World Market. If any one knows a place  where we can find a greater variety of small chalkboards please let us know! 

We had a bit of trouble coming up with themes for these so they ended up being a little random. The little trinkets on the chalkboards were made out of polymer clay and then attached with epoxy. If you aren't familiar with polymer clay charms check out our tips here. We couldn't figure out a way to connect a piece of chalk to these magnets to make the chalkboards an actual functioning piece, so the words were painted on with white acrylic paint. After everything on the front had set we glued four round magnets on each corner of the back of the chalkboards. You could definitely do this project with a larger chalkboard or even a dry erase board, but I would suggest making sure you have enough magnets to bear the weight! 

Now on to the magnets! 

Ai went with a cute love theme here! I just love those adorable little love birds in the tree! 

Neither one of us is a teacher, but we have a deep appreciation for teachers. Also teacher themed things are always super cute and fun! 

That's all for this week! Hope you all go out and make your own inspired chalkboard magnets! Happy crafting! ♥  

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