Monday, July 4, 2011

Awesome Nail Art!!

So this blog is dedicated to Ai's amazing nail art! She has got some serious talent when it comes to nail art and I love when she does my nails. Anyways the rest of this blog post will be in her words so on to the awesomeness!

I collect nail polish because I'm crazy and doing your own nails is cheaper and tons of fun!  

Why I love nail art
  • They give nail polish ridiculous names "A Rose at Dawn...Broke by Noon". Obviously they ran out of names for colors ^_^ 
  • Helps you pass time when you're bored.
  • It's super girly
  • I don't's fun to look at? hahahahaha

Yesterday at work I was browsing nail art (this site is great for browsing nails), and was super inspired, so I decided to paint my own nails for the 4th of July.

For the 4th of July nails I used:
  • OPI Absolutely Alice
  • China Glaze Red Pumps
  • OPI No Bees Please
  • Acrylic white paint

Hello Kitty nails!!! 
  • OPI I'll Take the Cake!
  • China Glaze Red Pumps
  • Acrylic black paint

Nail art on fake nails! 

For the designs, I used a super small paint brush and acrylic paints. The dots are made with a toothpick! Finished with Sally Hansen topcoat. When I don't have time to make designs, I use stickers or nail gems; easy and still very cute! 

So as you can see, Ai is super talented and her nail art is just amazing, fun, and cute!!! 


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